Happiness, satisfaction, joy of life & fun are always marked by one facial expression:

a radiant, bright smile.

However, to be able to experience this quartet as a whole, a further element is needed: the entire dentition’s health, which occupies the highest rank in our philosophy.

Furthermore we are convinced about the fact that a good health and the comfort in your whole body begins already with your mouth.

It is already known that a balanced diet, rich in vitamins, including fresh fruits and vegetables, plays a decisive role for the physical health. Therefore is required a healthy dentition. In addition to that comes, not at last, the psychic component – enjoying the food and feeling comfortable when eating, facts that are possible only under the circumstances of a healthy dentition.

Body and soul can only harmonize, when the health is in good order. The importance of this interaction has been recognized already in the 1st century:

orandum est ut sit mens sana in corpore sano

You should pray for a healthy mind in a healthy body
— Roman poet Juvenal

Nowadays we take advantage of the ability to do actively something in this regard.

Furthermore we see it as our mission to do our best for the maintenance of the natural tooth and the natural tooth health.

In Rome, London, Paris or Moskow, with patience, as well as within an extensive consulting and with an individual costs adaptation, in a warm, lovely and relaxed atmosphere, we would like to give you an understanding of our beliefs, so that we can contribute together to your health and comfort.

It is our pleasure to receive you in our surgery in the PlusCity mall on the Plus-Kauf-Strasse 7, 4061 Pasching.