Root tip resection

Should an investigation have given as a result the fact that it exists an inflammatory process (infection, cyst) at the root tip of one or more teeth in the bone, the tooth/teeth can be maintained through a root tip resection. To facilitate your decision of doing the operation, you should preliminarily be informed about the possibilities of the treatment, as well as about its risks and complications.

Why should a root tip resection be effected?

An infected tooth not only represents a danger for the surrounding teeth and bone, but there can also arise extensive consequences from it, damaging your general state of health, such as rheumatism, cardiac tissue inflammation – heart attack, liver and kidneys disfunction with consequential damages, septicaemia, etc.). That’s why the tooth should be resected if possible, otherwise extracted.

How is the operation effected?

The intervention takes place under local anaesthesia. For an intervention in the maxila there will be injected both from the outside and from the inside, for one in the mandible it wil be injected behind the wisdom tooth (if present), further to the front both from the inside and the outside directly at the tooth to be treated. In order to unveil the root tip, a section in the gingiva is primarily made unvealing the bone over the root tip. Then, using a bur, the infection is unvealed, the root tip is cut (resected) and the inflammed tissue is removed. Through a root canal treatment made before or during the operation, the root canal and the section surface are being sealed up. Afterwards, the wound is being sewed and if necessary, an anti-inflammatory medicine is applied.

It is our pleasure to receive you in our surgery in the PlusCity mall on the Plus-Kauf-Strasse 7, 4061 Pasching and to discuss with you these aspects as well as the treatment itself and the costs of the root tip resection.