Root canal treatment

The root canal treatment is a therapy which has the target to maintain the tooth. Should the tooth suffer a trauma or a severe tooth substance loss, mostly caused by decay, so that the dental nerve and the inflammed tissue have to be removed, a root canal treatment will be effected.

In our surgery we try to optimise the root canal treatment by means of modern procedures and instruments, so that we can achieve the best prognosis for the maintained tooth.

By mounting a sealing element (rubber dam) the tooth is maintained free of bacteria and saliva. Eventually, the access to the root canals is being effected and these are prepared using thin files. Then, the Endo Motor comes in action and the root canals are being enlargened by the special Ni-Ti file and the exact root canal length can be read off. After the root canals’ shaping as well as a rigurous cleaning and desinfection, the created cavity is filled with guttapercha, a plastic sealing material.

The acces to the crown is eventually closed up with a stable and bacteria-proof filling. In this state, the root-treated tooth can be reconstructed or, usually, provided with a crown.

It is our pleasure to receive you in our surgery in the PlusCity mall on the Plus-Kauf-Strasse 7, 4061 Pasching and to discuss with you these aspects as well as the treatment itself and the costs of the root canal treatment.