Inlays & Onlays


An Inlay is a dental filling prepared in a lab and eventually cemented into the prepared tooth’s cavity. Inlays are a high-quality and long-living alternative for amalgam, cement or composite fillings.

Unlike the composite, that is brought in into the cavity in a mellow state by using forming aids and then is being hardened, the inlay is made by the technician in his laboratory and is cemented into the tooth by the dentist. Due to its high accuracy of fit, a high work precision is required. For the production of inlays several materials like gold, ceramic, galvanic ceramic (combination between gold and ceramic), or titanium are used.

Onlay (Partial Crown)

When using an onlay, the entire chewing surface is overlaped, contrary to the inlay. An onlay is used whenever the tooth damage is too spread out for an inlay or a filling treatment and the cusps have to be included in the restoration. Thus, the onlay is a sort of dental prosthesis, whereby always as much as possible of the tooth substance survives.

Partial crowns have a very important role in the functional dentition reconstruction where the goal consists of the minimally invasive restauration.

Like the inlay, the onlay can be made by the techician out of several materials like gold, ceramic or composite.

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