Fissure sealing

The grooved and deepened tooth surface, the so called fissure, is especially susceptible to tooth decay. Here, bacteria often collect and can live well in warmth. They here subsist on carbohydrates, that they later transform into acid which can thus lead to tooth decay.

This can be prevented by the so called fissure sealing. In this procedure, the fissures are being sealed with a special material. The tooth surface becomes straighter and easier to clean and is thus preventing the intrusion of bacteria and consequently the formation of tooth decay in the fissure.

Sealings usually last for 6-10 years on an avarage. As long as they are in good order, they offer sufficient protection. However, usually during the first 6 months, it is possible that they entirely or partially break. That is why the follow-up examination should be always effected on due time, as the sealings can be easily complemented.

Side effects in case of fissure sealings occur extremely rarely. Worldwide are known only two cases of an allergic reaction to the used material.

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