Dental implants

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is an artificial dental root. Usually it is spiral and placed into the jaw bone in order to replace one or more lost teeth. The tooth implant grows directly together with the bone and is able to take over the tooth’s natural function, i.e. it can carry fixed dental prosthesis such as crowns or bridges, or it can safely fix removable denture (prosthesis) by using different devices.

Nowadays, titanium is the standard material used in the implantology, but ceramic as well is applied in this domain.

The dental implant usually consists of two components: the implant body (which is introduced into the bone) and the abutment (that fixes the crowns or retaining elements for removable dentures). As well, there also exist implant systems (such as mini implants) made of one piece. On those, the connection to the prostheses is applied already on the implant body.

Why is an implant necessary?

A dental implant is mostly the best and the most elegant option for high quality dentures, if the target is an aesthetic and functional solution.

By using conventional treatment methods, for example by the aid of a gum-supported prosthesis, the chewing function (especially in the mandible) can be restored only partially. After prolonged wearing, usually develop pressure sores that can cause pain when eating.

On the contrary, dental implants charge the bone in a natural way, prevent inconvenient pressure sores and the prosthesis is given back its hold. The adhesive cream is in such cases a matter of the past and the patients can again have the courage to speak, eat or smile.

In the case of a bridge, the neighbour teeth must be prepared in order to fill the gap resulted from the tooth loss. Here, the implant saves healthy and very precious tooth substance.

Is an implant safe?

Dental implants are being used in the dental medicine for over 40 years. There are long-term studies that have proven the safety of this way of treatment.

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